Reclaiming the Arts 2022

by | 16 Dec, 2022

Reclaiming the Arts is the first group exhibition in a series of events to gather the Balbriggan community around the arts.

This exhibition aims to reclaim the spaces to facilitate human connections around creativity and togetherness. The selected artists at The Vault and the vibrant activities and events staged at the Warehouse want to reconnect people with nature and re-establish local areas as shared spaces.Re-claiming, re-connecting and re-creating a sense of community – especially, over this time of year – means experiencing the natural cycle of life and light as a new beginning, as it is common in the Middle of Winter.

Known as the Winter Solstice – from the Latin solstitium, ‘Stationary Sun’ – the Middle of Winter has long been a time for celebrations even before Christianity, which overlapped and replaced pagan religions. At this moment, the Sun begins its uprising after the deep Winter darkness, during which darkness reaches its peak, but just when it seems about to triumph, it leaves room for light, which gradually takes over.

People were used to celebrating light and birth in the darkest days and rejoicing during the Winter Solstice when the worst of the winter was behind them, and they could look forward to longer days and sunny spells.Extending this leitmotif among The Vault and Warehouse arts and events is evident in how the same community spirit leads these social events.The exhibited artworks state the multiple aspects of being part of these current darkest times facing several themes, such as sustainability, landscape and environment, in search of a new light, a new beginning.

Reclaiming the Arts is a journey among the natural cycle of life and the human condition to explore and reclaim the possibilities of an inclusive life and sustainable world for the upcoming generations.Reinforcing this message, the Warehouse proposes a series of workshops, talks and gigs to engage with local people and attract the broadest audience regularly invited to join the new house for the arts in Balbriggan.

Reclaiming the Arts (16th – 17th December 2023).

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The Reclaiming the Arts exhibition and public events are supported by the Creative Balbriggan – Our Balbriggan and Fingal County.

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