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  • The Soul of Matter

    The Soul of Matter represents an opportunity to introduce Smith’s exclusive series of mixed media works which demonstrates the artists’ careful attention to materials. His practice is focused on the basis that art is accessible to everyone.  This new body of paintings explores the materiality of paint as a substance in itself. In so far as […]

  • Towards Super-Connection

    Towards Super-Connection is a mobile and modular installation and exists in a significant relationship with the place of its manifestation. It derives from a concept of quantum theory in which the quantum state of a particle is related to that of every other particle in that particular system. Towards Super-Connection explores through the site-specific installation, and both the […]

  • Breaking Borders

    Breaking Borders aims to explore the intersection of multiple narratives and discourses in the arts.  The exhibition brings together the work of seven artists across a range of disciplines including painting, video, photography, sculpture, and performance, engaging in a mix of conversations with the exhibiting artists through artists’ talks and performance contributions. The group exhibition intends […]

  • Edgelands

    Painting through its poetical emotion – Episode #3 The Irish artist Gillian Lawler explores the concepts of borders, edges, transitions and transformations in this new series of paintings, Edgelands. Since she has always been interested in the landscape and memory – where the tension between the real and the imaginary often resides – she re-elaborated those abandoned […]

  • Percept / Ethos

    Painting through its poetical emotion – Episode #3 The Irish Brussels-based artist Colm Mac Athlaoich retraces in his most recent works the phases of the Aristoteles’ rhetoric about percept intended as perceptum.  The artist’s ‘percept’ is concerned with the analysis of the pictorial object as a figurative and representative element of a real object transfigured on […]

  • Fragmented Perception

    Painting through its poetical emotion – Episode #3 The visual and performative artist Trudi van der Elsen introduces in this new group of works a fragmentary perception of reality – hence the title Fragmented Perception – specifically, two worldviews: one local and one global. Through the abstract painting, van der Elsen explores both the visual […]

  • The astonishment of colour

    “Probably I’m pretty far from the idea of artist we have in general. The fact of wanting to live an experience born by chance goes even further than the simple seeking of liberty, it’s a reality fixed in my heart. I am looking for the truth” Shozo Shimamoto Shimamoto’s idea is to bring paint back […]

  • S A B O T A G E

    The Aftermath – PhyloCode PhyloCode is a live 15 minute Instagram takeover performance which splices together fragments of video and audio seized from news and media broadcasting to create a visceral moving image collage. This is the second in a series of performances created solely for Pallas Projects/Studios.  Part II is a visual response to […]

  • Crossing Borders. A Global Exhibition Exploring Themes of Migration

    The theme encompasses migrating fauna, as well as human migration. The aim is to provoke the audience to consider the narrative of the migrant, to understand and empathise with both the material, and the psychological journey involved, and to question their personal relationship to migration.  The project explores the theme of migration through concurrent shows […]

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