The astonishment of colour

by | 25 Jan, 2021

Shozo Shimamoto 
The astonishment of colour, 2021

The astonishment of colour includes essays An antelitteram artist,  From Gutai to maturity (an anthology in essence) and The Bottle Crashes as a dramaturgy of colour.

This catalogue, in association with the Pari&Dispari Archive, represents a new overview about the career of the master of Japanese Gutai group with an insight into his most spectacular Bottle Crash performances.

Texts: Valeria Ceregini, Piero Tomassoni
Translations: Jeffrey Jennings
Photographs: Carlo Vannini
Graphic Design: Elena Bodecchi
Print: Graphic & Digital Projects, Milan
Pages: 126 Full colour printing
Soft cover, 19 x 25 cm
Exhibition catalogue
Cardi Gallery, London and Milan