by | Feb 22, 2018

Valeria Ceregini is a well known Italian arts curator based in Ireland. With an international network and practice across disciplines working artists in various media and countries. 

She has won multiple Bursaries for Residencies and Travel Awards, including Culture Ireland and Arts Council Grants. Successful projects include multiple exhibitions in Dublin, Cork, Athlone, Limavady, Ennistymon, Letterkenny, Turin, Genoa, Milan and Tilburg (see CV).

Her most recent projects: Reclaiming the Arts (2022) The Vault & Warehouse, Balbriggan, Breaking Borders (2022) Luan Gallery, Athlone, (2021) GOMA – Gallery of Modern Art, Waterford, Towards Super-Connection (2022) Museum of Contemporary Art – Villa Croce, Genoa (IT), Edgelands (2022) Weber&Weber Gallery, Turin (IT), Percept/Ethos (2021) Weber&Weber Gallery, Turin (IT), Fragmented Perception (2021) Weber&Weber Gallery, Turin (IT), The astonishment of colour (2021) Cardi Gallery, Milan (IT) and London (UK).

Activism and solidarity are at the core of her practice as a mentor and curator. She is regularly involved in collaborative productions with artists and practitioners. Her curatorial work spans all  visual arts, but with a current interest in encompassing the analogy between abstract painting and  narrative stream of consciousness, the dichotomy of nature-culture as a progressive humanisation of Nature, which is gradually losing its bio and geodiversity to become a cultural product, an anthropocentric vision of the social world.

Her practice is innovative and is always looking to be supportive and productive within the local community. Currently involved with Balbriggan’s community to reclaim the spaces for the arts and to facilitate human connections around creativity and togetherness. Her aim through Reclaiming the Arts activities is to reconnect people with nature and re-establish the local areas shared spaces.

During the first Covid crisis, she created JournALL, a weekly online art programme to support and promote artists across all disciplines and at any stage of their career. 

From this project, a new collaboration with the UK multidisciplinary artist S A B O T A G E was started.  They produced an exclusive performance that was developed through the voices of artists collected by JournALL throughout 2020 and centred around the impact Covid-19 has had on them. 

They incorporated artists’ concerns along with the Irish news broadcasted during those times. These events has been hosted by Pallas Projects/Studios on their social media, website and YouTube. 

She has been concerned with the Athropocene in her Over Nature publication, which is also the name of the touring group exhibition staged across Ireland and the UK from September 2019 to November 2020. This exhibition project was interested in exploring – via visual and multimedia art – on the social vision and perception of our cultures and place in the world, notwithstanding that technologies, have changed human activities and languages in the Capitalocene era.

Towards Super-Connection

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Percept / Ethos

Painting through its poetical emotion – Episode #3 The Irish Brussels-based artist Colm Mac Athlaoich retraces in his most recent works the phases of the Aristoteles’ rhetoric about percept intended as perceptum.  The artist’s ‘percept’ is concerned with the...

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