Valeria Ceregini‘s curatorial practice is focused on the intersection of art, curatorial practice, activism and politics such as themes concerning social engagements (i.e. the current social and political changes, new gender identities, and life in times of ecological crisis). Her role as a curator, mentor and facilitator is to support artists from any medium and at any stage of their career in commissioning and delivering projects.

She is looking at a supportive and productive creative community where activism and solidarity are the core of her mentorships and curatorial practice. She is regularly involved in a collaborative production, working together with artists and practitioners on context.

Her curatorial interests embrace all the visual arts, in particular, they are ranging from the dichotomy nature-culture to the abstract painting through its poetical emotions. The first one is connected with the idea of a progressive humanisation of Nature. As a matter of fact, Nature is gradually losing its bio and geodiversity becoming more and more a cultural product, an anthropocentric vision of the social world. The latter field is related to the connection between abstract painting and the narrative stream of consciousness method.

She has been concerned with displacement and the Athropocene in her most recent publications Breaking Borders and Over Nature. Those exhibition projects were interested in exploring – via visual and multimedia art – on the social vision and perception of our cultures and place in the world, notwithstanding that technologies, have changed human activities and languages in the Capitalocene era.