Culture Night 2020

by | Sep 7, 2020

Live Instagram takeover, 12 – 7pm

During Luan Gallery‘s exhibition, Over Nature is hosted as part of the national annual event Culture Night 2020. Culture Night / Oíche Chultúir is an annual, all-island public event that celebrates culture, creativity and the arts.

For this national celebration, some guest artists are invited to look at Nature through different media and offer an exclusive and fresh point of view on art as a privileged vehicle to observe and describe the environment.

Patrick Deeley (poet), 
Bernadette Hopkins (performer), 
Helen Gaynor (musician and painter).

Culture Night 2020: Kathy Herbert, Patrick Deeley, Bernadette Hopkins, Mary O’Connor, Helen Gaynor, Guillaume Combal, Beata Piekarska-Daly.

– September 2020

Towards Super-Connection

Towards Super-Connection is a mobile and modular installation and exists in a significant relationship with the place of its manifestation. It derives from a concept of quantum theory in which the quantum state of a particle is related to that of every other...

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Painting through its poetical emotion – Episode #3 The Irish artist Gillian Lawler explores the concepts of borders, edges, transitions and transformations in this new series of paintings, Edgelands. Since she has always been interested in the landscape and...

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Percept / Ethos

Painting through its poetical emotion – Episode #3 The Irish Brussels-based artist Colm Mac Athlaoich retraces in his most recent works the phases of the Aristoteles’ rhetoric about percept intended as perceptum.  The artist’s ‘percept’ is concerned with the...

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